Co-operative Credit Society

     The Credit Co-operative Society have played important role in economic life in less stable section of the society. Actually, the credit co-operative society is an independent group of people.

1) Salary Earner Credit Society:

     Patpedhi software is used in small co- operative banks in, and this is controlled by group of people. Co-Operative Department of Government governs it like as bank. We provide this software for the salary earners people who earn salary on monthly basis and repay loan on monthly salary. This software is used for transaction in the banks and more efficiently by using local language like Marathi, Hindi, and any other languages.

Features of Co-operative Credit society:

  1. Saving A/c.
  2. Loans Section.
  3. Deposit Section.
  4. Daily Collections.
  5. G.L. accounting.
  6. Shares Sections.
  7. Real-time account & transaction processing.
  8. Financial product builder.
  9. Customizable interface and product workflow.
  10. Customer self-service portal & management.
  11. Online payment processing & bill pay.
  12. Source capture & remote deposit.
  13. Customer interaction (e.g. live chat).

2) Nidhi Software:

     Nidhi Company classified as a NBFC, NBFC means non-banking finance company, and it is registered under section 406 companies Act 2013. Company can accept deposits and shares. These deposits are used by the company to pay its members or shareholders as a loans or advances and to take stock, bonds, debentures, securities issued by the government. It is regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, while the RBI monitors all its financial transactions.

Advantages of Nidhi Company Software:

  1. Less Complication.
  2. Cheaper to borrow.
  3. Encourages to savings.

     Many people in our country want to face financial services, but they are unable to take further steps due to lack of capital. The main objective of setting up a fund company is to nurture the belt-tightening habits of its members so that if they prefer to save, they will not have any difficulty in meeting their financial needs arising from time to time. In addition to this there are many unexpected benefits of setting up a Nidhi funding company.

3) Micro Finance Software:

     Microfinance, also called microcredit or bachat gat, is a type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise would have no other access to financial services. While institutions participating in the area of microfinance most often provide lending, many banks offer additional services, such as checking and savings accounts, and micro-insurance products; and some even provide financial and business education. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance is to give impoverished people an opportunity to become self-sufficient.

  1. Computerization of Micro Finance Business from field operations to back-office management, accounting and reporting.
  2. A centralized solution ensures a command & control structure which in turn enforces standardized processes and guidelines.
  3. Multiple connectivity options such as leased line, broadband, RF, GPRS, VSAT for accessing the central server ensures that transactions are updated in real-time and enterprise view is current.
  4. Improvement in credit rating methodology, real-time tracking of delays & defaults in repayments, advance analysis of loan portfolio has enhanced profitability and lowered risks.
  5. Pre-packaged reports for MIS, Regulatory and Donor Reporting.

4) Employees Co-op credit society software:

     Employees Credit society is a financial Institution. It is govern by its by-laws. It is registered at district level under district registrar office of state government. It can be seen as a mini bank of Employees of a single Company or Organization or Govt. department. Its financial functions are same as banks. It collects deposit from members in so many different ways like Compulsory Saving, F.D., R.D. Savings, A/c, Member shares, Insurance Schemes and so on. This Collected amount is given as Loan to the needy members. Interest charged on Loan is generally higher than given on deposit and that margin is the profit of the society. Generally this margin is very low in Emp. Of co-op. Soc. as there base is not to earn profit but it is for the welfare of staff members.

5) Multi State Co-operative Credit Society Software:

     Multi State Co-Op Credit Society Software is used for retail and commercial banking organized on a cooperative basis. Cooperative banking institutions take deposits and lend money in most parts of the world. Co-operative banking, includes retail banking carried out by credit unions, mutual savings banks, building societies and cooperatives, as well as commercial banking services provided by mutual organizations (such as cooperative federations) to cooperative businesses.

     You can call this Multi State Co-Op Credit Society Software as a Mini-Banking Management Software which manages Saving Account, RD, FD, MIS and Loans etc. The Cooperative Society Software also manage Society Branches/ franchise, Employee, Authorization for Operators, Agents, Customers, Deposits, Policies, Withdrawals along with various required and necessary reports for status, review and analytical reports.

Customization as per client's requirements:

  1. Multi-State Cooperative Society Software.
  2. Safe and secure web based application.
  3. Audit Report for accounting purposes.
  4. Branch Management.
  5. Various statistical and analytical reports.
  6. Pigmy agent and agent's commission.
  7. Customer and their Deposits and Loan Management.

6) Core Banking::

     The core banking is the single most important technology investment a financial institution makes. ShreeCom Info Tech is a core banking solutions have the breadth of functionality to handle the most sophisticated banking requirements. They include the latest innovations to maximize operational efficiency, reduce cost-to-income ratios, and ensure compliance and speed up time to market. Incorporated with cutting edge examination, our answers create the knowledge expected to grow ideal and significant items and benefits and can be joined with ShreeCom Info Tech market-driving advanced channels. With front, center and back-office associated, your monetary foundation turns into a buyer engaged, beneficial deals machine. Whether you are a traditional or challenger bank, a community bank or a credit union, we can help you to engineer your financial institution and processes around your accountholders. ShreeCom Info Tech open modern, flexible platform helps you to deliver the ultimate consumer and staff experience, the operational efficiency for growth and compliance, and ongoing innovation


  1. Customization as per client's needs.
  2. Secured and safe web based application.
  3. Provides various analytical and statistical reports.
  4. Agent's commission.
  5. Branch management.
  6. Member registration.
  7. Agent wise customer's report.
  8. Shares Deposit
  9. Loan
  10. Bank Clearing.
  11. Profit and Loss.
  12. Balance Sheet.
  13. Cr-Dr Ratio.
  14. Reserve Bank.
  15. Other Reports.

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