Crusher Management System Software

     ShreeCom Infotech Crusher Management System Software is a product uniquely made for keeping up with Stone, Sand, Mines, smasher plant. We have made this product subsequent to going through a concentrated exploration by visiting different stone smasher plants straightforwardly. Thus, this product is modified so that it makes the existence of proprietors of stone smasher establishes a tranquil one. You should simply get in touch with us at to get the Crusher Management System Software and stone crusher accounting software for your stone smasher plant and experience how simple it has become to keep up with your stone smasher plant!

The principle features of the product are:

  1. Simple to set up
  2. Adaptable design
  3. Simple to peruse ace information
  4. Tracks down any data in no time
  5. Setting delicate assistance
  6. Intended for windows
  7. Local windows look and feel
  8. Simple and natural point of interaction
  9. Simple to begin whenever of the year
  10. Simple to utilize alternate way keys

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Modules of Stone Crusher Management System Software:

  • Deals:
  • Deals module is utilized to keep a record of regular deals movement of your stone smasher plant. Naturally, the vehicle weight is determined consequently, if necessary it very well may be done physically as well. Super administrator admittance to enter vehicle weight physically.

  • Buy:
  • Buy module is utilized to keep a record of regular buy movement of your stone smasher plant. Of course, the vehicle weight is determined consequently if necessary it tends to be done physically as well.

  • Client:
  • This module is essentially client information base which is utilized to keep a record of your clients' subtleties.

  • Provider:
  • This module is fundamentally provider information base which is utilized to keep in a record of your providers' subtleties.

  • Client:
  • This module is utilized to keep up with the Users job and consent who can utilize the stone smasher the board framework programming. Just super administrator can make changes to this module.

  • Vehicle:
  • This module is essentially vehicle information base which is utilized to keep a record of your vehicles as well as your clients' vehicles subtleties. It can likewise be utilized to compute the unfilled load of vehicles.

  • Stock:
  • This module is essentially a stock data set which is utilized to keep in a record of stock accessible at your stone smasher plant. It tends to be utilized to add stock material and view the stock accessible.

Highlights of Stone Crusher Management System Software:

  • Numerous User:
  • You can make n number of client represents your representatives to utilize this product.

  • Works without Internet:
  • Smasher the executive’s framework programming runs disconnected without the need to associate it to the Internet. This component was added considering that a large portion of the stone smasher plants are situated in far off where web association probably won't be accessible.

  • Runs on Intranet:
  • The product can be associated through Intranet and can run on various PCs of your stone smasher plant.

  • One Server and Multiple Clients:
  • TheAs referenced in the point above Stone Crusher Management Software can run on various frameworks associated through Intranet. One framework will be arranged as Server and the rest will go about as clients.

  • Receipt, Receipt, and Reporting:
  • With Stone Crusher Plant Management Software - invoicing, printing receipts and keeping up with business reports turns out to be a lot more straightforward. Revealing is made a lot more straightforward by consolidating date insightful inquiry, vehicle number astute hunt, client name wise search, shift shrewd pursuit, and material wise search.

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