Crusher Management Software

     Stone Crusher Management Software is a product intended for merchants who enjoy smasher exchanges. The product helps in monitoring productivity of each crusher. Therefore, it incorporates all the value-based subtleties for dealing with the money of stone smashers activities. This stone crusher Software arrangement helps in isolated administration of exchanges buy, cargo, deals, installment, and so forth It makes the undertaking of creating monetary reports straightforward and easy. It can control other sub product accounting and management of Bricks plant Billing, RMC plant billing, water tankers billing software.

Working Of crusher software of ShreeCom Info Tech -

     First thing you need to login of crusher software. Once you login you can see navigation bar left hand side on the dashboard. You can create master data. This software works Online as well as offline mode.

  1. Clients: You can create / Edit / Delete new Clients for crusher software.
    • Group: You can create / modify/ delete new groups. Ex. Purchase group, sales group etc.
    • Ledgers: In that you need to create / Edit / Delete Ledgers. Enter your ledger name, enter group under. Here is the one functionality you can search your ledgers by ID, Customer name, Supplier name, as well as you can create new ledger.
    • Vehicle: Enter vehicle number, enter vehicle owner details OR the vehicle is from which company? Fill up dimensions and save. Once vehicle details are saved then you can search or modify your vehicle by vehicle id, Vehicle no etc. These dimensions will be useful for billing.
    • Site Creation: In that module you can enter client sites under client ledgers so you can maintain site wise billing. As well as you can edit the site. Adding new site and search your site by site name, site under customer name.
    • Customer Site Rate: At the time of billing customer site wise rate will be automatically display in billing form. So you can fill up the rates and save.
    • Conversion Factor: Here you can convert your item in tones, kilogram, CFT, Numbers and liter. Save and exit.
    • City Creation: Fill the form of City creation.
  2. Material:
    • Item Creation: Fill up the item creation Form and save. Items like crush sand, 10 mm, 20 mm etc.
    • Units: You can create / Modify / Delete Unit for item and save. Ex. Ton, CFT etc.
  3. Voucher entry in crusher software:
    • Sales
      1. Sale Delivery Challan: In delivery Challan, you can select item, unit, qty, vehicle, weight of the vehicle.
      2. Sales Invoice: We can create a sales invoice against delivery challan. You can edit Invoices as well as you can add new sales invoices. You can create invoice based on daily, Weekly, Bio monthly or on monthly base challans.
    • Purchase:
      1. Goods Received Receipt: If you are purchase raw material from query then you can use this option. By using this feature, you can calculate no of vehicles inward raw stone for crushing.
      2. Purchase Invoice: We are created purchase Invoice against GRR.
  4. Support:
    • Tax Percentage setting: There is four type tax percentages setting.
      1. Tax Based on Total Sale: Here is the display the tax based on Total sale amount.
      2. Tax Based on Item Rate: Here is the display the tax based on each Item rate.
      3. Tax Based on Other Taxes: You can create tax on other taxes.
      4. Tax Based on Grand Total: Here are the display taxes on transportation and handling charges too.
    • User Creation: Here we can create new user and their authority.
    • Modify Company: You can create new company. If you want to modify you company name then click on modifies company and do changes what you want and save.
    • Export - Import: In offline mode, here you can import as well as export your data from main office to Crusher plant OR from crusher plant site office to main office.
    • Features: It is User Defined. There is Account feature, Inventory features, Auto Numbering features and other features
    • Way Bridge Setting: Here you can set the way bridge setting. You have to fill up the serial communication port no, baud rate, parity. It will be useful to communicate with Weight Bridge. You can check way bridge connectivity too.
    • Transfer Delivery Challan: You will transfer Delivery Challan as well as sales Invoice from one company to other company with rate and delivery details.
  5. Reports:
    • Account Book: You can see all ledger and transactions of each ledger.
    • Inventory Reports: In that there is stock summary report.
    • Other Reports:
      1. Daily Sales Challan – Customer wise / Item wise / Vehicle wise details
      2. View GST Computation
      3. Carriage Inward
      4. Carriage Outward
      5. Customer Site rate
      6. List of challan
      7. DC Received from drivers Reports
      8. Deleted challan details
      9. Deleted Invoice deleted
    • Summary Reports:
      1. GRR Summary
      2. Carriage Inward summary
      3. Carriage Outward Summary
      4. Dispatch Summary
      5. Carting Billing

     Crusher management software is mostly used for to maintain the record and your business latest status. Our company provides crusher software with all functionality and features.