Point of Sale Software

     POS stands for Point of Sale System; means some people are calling to point of sale software has POS system. POS system is mostly used in business, healthcare management, retail management, industries, ticket offices etc. Each filed have different expectations so related to file and as per requirement we develop a POS system. It can integrate other systems and software, such as accounting apps or e-commerce platforms, or connect with networks and databases to expand your business’ operational flexibility and capability. In POS system we will store a sales report, generate report of product, maintaining. Think of it as your more advanced cash register combined with a computer (or even mobile computing device such as a tablet) where cashiers input the ordered products, tally the cost, and consummate the financial transaction.

Advantages of Point of sale Software:

  1. Depending on the software features, retailers can track pricing accuracy, inventory changes, and sales patterns. Using integrated technology to track data helps retailers catch discrepancies in pricing or Cash flow that could lead to profit loss or interrupt sales.
  2. Generate in detailed sales reports based on employee, products, total cost, total retail cost, total benefit, total loss, margin etc.
  3. Provide super-fast snapshots and charts on your store’s sales performance
  4. Store in detail information related to customer as well as product
  5. Having POS software it will help you to save your time with multiple entities

We Provides Some Silent Features in Point Of Sale Software:

  1. Dashboards.
  2. Fully interactive business intelligence dashboards.
  3. Drag & drop feature to create dashboards in record time.
  4. Inventory Management.
  5. Setup Product database for standard, serialized, batch managed, kit assembly and non-inventory items.
  6. Items can be marked as non-refundable.
  7. Inventory Control.
  8. Security Management.
  9. Assign security roles to users.
  10. Hide non-mandatory Fields.
  11. Sales person attachment to an individual store.

     Grocery store software is one of the types of POS software. Grocery store software is work like POS software.

Advantages of Grocery Store Software:

  1. Quick keys and/or product lookup.
  2. Quick keys are shortcuts within your Grocery Store Software that allow associates to hit a single button for a commonly sold item.
  3. Meanwhile, the rest of your catalog should still be easily accessible. Be sure to go with a Grocery Store Software that lets you quickly search or lookup products when ringing up sales. Ideally, this search feature is right on the sell screen so your cashiers won’t have to jump into another screen just to look up an item.
  4. Multiple payment methods/split payments.
  5. Go beyond traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards.
  6. Look for a Grocery Store Software that allows you to take mobile payments. You also want to be able to split a payment in case a customer wants to spread their payment across a few gift cards, an Amex and cash.
  7. Inventory control for serial and batch managed items based on expiry date.
  8. Security Management.

     Retail POS software or Retail Point of sale Software is used to conduct sales. In that software where cashier is enter a product and the Retail POS software is maintain the all product information as well as it will maintain the how much sold the product it will display how much stock is available and display total profit or loss of your business.

  1. Retail POS Software provides to assign security roles to users.
  2. Liquor POS Software provides to hide non-mandatory Fields to employees.
  3. Retail POS Software provides to Sales person order history of individual store.