What is Software Development?

     In Business platform there is many more business and for storing the information, maintaining the billing record or product history in short they decreases the work load so, they are using software, but what is software and how software developed? So let’s start.

Software is developed for a variety of purpose.

  1. To meet the specific needs of specific clients / businesses to solve real world problems.
  2. For personal use (e.g., a Grocery shop may require inventory managing and billing software.)
  3. The demand for good quality management of the software development process implements the discipline of software engineering, which focuses on implementing the methodological approach outlined in the engineering model in the software development process.

What is Software Development?

     Software development is a programming, and this programming is carried out software developer. Definition of software development is a person that creates software by him or as per others requirements. What do software developer? Developer uses process and technique to create software, including requirement definition, data flow design, code design, flow chart code creating, etc.

Following are the steps of software development:

  1. Research: The Initial and most important step is research, once customer expectations are established, evaluate the technology needed to meet these needs and determine the software-enabled solution the business is trying to build.
  2.      While doing research for one of our largest clients in the energy space, we spent a month in the research phase. We spoke with everyone from the CEO through R&D, and so were able to fully understand the client's needs and expectations before heading into the actual software development stages.
  3. Selecting methodologies: After researching about software developers select the methodologies; Methodologies can include dot net, C#, Reacts JS, Angular JS, and Php etc.
  4. Requirements: In these phase developers understanding the requirement of software from client side.
  5. Designing: When all the ideas are selected, the front-end design process begins. Our main approach to design is to use the information architecture process. First, we build a low-fidelity prototype. These are rough concepts at the beginning of the process you use to test the various structures and workflows of the solution.
  6. Development: Once the design process is complete, you can move on to development by creating a back-end solution to support the front-end design. The development process involves studying the data and behaviors found during the design process and creating a model of the database.
  7.      This involves choosing the most optimal server-side language. For us, we experiment with different languages, usually sticking with the simplest languages, we think helps in a clean overall product.
  8. Testing: Before software is going to live or before the software is deployed testing phase very important. In that Phase the tester find out the error and revert to developer to update software
  9. Iteration: Once the product is developed and launched with client approval, an iterative cycle of testing begins. This iteration process exists in all of the above stages, but it’s most imperative following the product launch.

Software Development Type:

  1. Mobile Development:
  2.      Mobile is trend now a day and often is called as app development. As per the name suggest, mobile development involves creating applications for mobile devices.
  3. Web Development:
  4.      You see a lot of web pages every day but have you ever realized that a lot of coding is done to create it and come under web development. Web development is the coding of web pages to make them suitable for uploading to the Internet. This aspect of software development can change for the better in the future if taken seriously. Although it is diverse and complex to understand, the web developer needs to organize many interconnected files.
  5. Application Development:
  6.      Application development is the processes of developing a set of programs that will help a business perform a variety of tasks. App developers are known for developing mobile and computer apps and software programmers. In addition, they test the program and fix bugs and issues so that the app can help its users with their day-to-day operations.
  7. Back-end Development:
  8.      Back-end is what’s going on behind the scenes. A lot of work is done to ensure that everything on the front-end is running smoothly without any problems and this is known as back-end development. The back-end of the website contains the servers, applications and databases and is where all the data is collected.
  9. API Development:
  10.      API development refers to the development of a program application interface, to create something extensible. It lays the foundation for traditional practices, types, tools, database access rules, and GUI interaction methods that developer developers can practice for that particular API. Developers need to know how to create multiple operating systems and programs for the web and mobile. This allows third-party developers to associate important tools or functions for API development.

         The use of software development requires proficiency with techniques and technologies to differentiate brands and gain competitive advantage that can enhance software deployment, quality and functionality.