Utility Billing Software

     Utility Billing Software is used to automatic billing process. This system includes the process of meter reading, payment processing, Invoice Completion, management and monitoring the entire billing process. An efficient utility billing management software can help industries, commercial companies, government for the improves service via billing management software.

What is Utility billing software?

     Utility Billing Software allows users to have knowledge and understanding the utility services related to electricity, gas, water property, resident’s utility billing. In utility billing software includes services of meter management, payment processing and invoice management.

What are the features of utility billing software?

  1. Reports: The user can track their usage of the resources like water or electricity. The reports allow to user make smart decision regarding their consumption. Which is ultimately helps to the saving money and tacking on progress.
  2. Account Management: Information related to customers like Name, Address, Mobile number all are stored in account page which can be customized as per the needs. You can generate invoices online, and email or what’s app invoices to the particular customers.
  3. Online Payment: Features like email receipts and single payments for multiple bills are included in this software. Automatically late payment charges are applicable by server.
  4. Flexible Rate Structure: Include multiple rate calculation, pricing option, and tier blocks for different areas.
  5. Customer Portal: It has the information related to account notes, interaction history, billing and usage statistics.

     In short Utility billing software is the best for the any field to consume workload and maintain the data of client or billing etc.


  1. Management Reports.
  2. Customer Ledger.
  3. Agency wise customer Book.
  4. Data wise Reports.
  5. All customers Outstanding.
  6. City wise Customer Book.