What are the types of primary crusher?

     There are a few distinct kinds of essential smashers. The right one for an essential pulverizing application relies upon the material to be squashed, the feed size, the ideal item size and the limit required. Now days there will be software is available for the crusher management that is called as crusher management software

     Primary smashers diminish enormous run-of-mine material, for example, rocks and mineral bumps, into more modest sizes for additional handling downstream, regardless of whether that be transport to extra smashers or to a wet handling plant. It is the main stage in the devastating system that can now and again incorporate optional, tertiary and, surprisingly, quaternary smashing stages, contingent upon the material and the finished result prerequisites.

Kinds of Primary Crushers

There are a few kinds of essential smashers, including:

  • Gyratory Crushers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Hammer mills
  • Even Shaft Impact Crushers
  • Sizers
  • Roll Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Feeder-Breakers

Gyratory Crushers

     Gyratory Crushers are an astounding decision for an essential smasher, as they can deal with extremely hard and grating material. They are great for dry to somewhat wet material yet not tacky material.

     The principle highlights of a Gyratory Crusher incorporate a tall squashing chamber fixed with replaceable manganese wear plates, a primary shaft with head and mantle, and a bug to moor the highest point of the fundamental shaft bearing. They have a movable fundamental shaft situating framework and drive get together, and they are accessible in a solitary chamber or various chamber plan. Material to be squashed is taken care of into the highest point of the devastating chamber and compacted between the wobbling mantle in the middle and the fixed curved liners covering the inward dividers of the chamber. At the point when the material is squashed to the ideal item size, it is released out the lower part of the smasher.

     One extra advantage of a gyratory smasher is that there is no requirement for pre-screening or scalping of fines in the feed. The smasher can deal with the all-in feed.

Jaw Crushers

     Jaw Crushers are one more astounding decision for essential pounding applications since they can acknowledge the hardest, hardest, most grating materials. They can deal with dry to somewhat wet material that isn't tacky.

     Jaw Crushers highlight a moving piece of steel (called the pitman) and a fixed piece of steel that structure a V-formed chamber. Material that enters the chamber is squashed to measure between the moving piece of steel and the fixed piece of steel. A large portion of the devastating activity happens in the base third of the chamber.

Hammer mills

     Hammer mills can be utilized as an essential smasher in many kinds of total and modern applications, including limestone, marble, shale, gypsum, phosphate, bauxite, aluminum dross, uranium, clinkers, quicklime, petrol coke, coal and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Even Shaft Impact Crushers

     Even Shaft Impact Crushers, like the New Holland, Andreas and MaxCap (which is a half and half of the two) styles, are normally utilized for the essential size decrease of delicate to medium hard materials.

     Even Shaft Impactors highlight an enormous development chamber within which is a turning rotor shaft covered with blow bars or mallets. Material that enters the devastating chamber interfaces with the turning rotor, which hurls the material at the breaker plates lining dividers of the chamber. A large part of the breaking of the material happens upon the underlying contact of the material with the rotor and its resulting sway with the breaker plates. Some extra breakage happens by the between molecule crashes as the material is thrown around in the chamber.


     Direct-Drive Crushing Sizers are utilized for the essential squashing of delicate to medium hard material that can be somewhat rough, dry, or wet and tacky. They are the most ideal for weighty mining applications and give an average decrease proportion of 4:1.

     These kinds of smashers offer a position of safety and high throughput limits with low roll speeds. Additionally, similar to gyratory, they can acknowledge fines in the feed where other pressure machines, similar to jaws, require some pre-screening.

Roll Crushers

     Like Sizers, Roll Crushers can be utilized for the essential squashing of delicate to medium hard material that can be somewhat rough, dry, or wet and tacky. They are commonly utilized in weighty mining applications and have a regular proportion of decrease of 4:1.

Cone Crushers

     Cone Crushers are pressure type smashers that are regularly found in optional pulverizing stages yet can be utilized as the essential smasher in specific applications. They handle medium hard to exceptionally hard, grating materials that can be dry or wet yet not tacky. Cone Crushers are regularly found in quarried materials and sand and rock applications.


     Feeder-Breakers, which consolidate both taking care of and squashing into one machine, are utilized for the essential smashing of friable materials that can be marginally rough, dry or wet, yet at the same not tacky. They are ordinarily utilized in weighty mining applications to give the essential pounding and to make a beatable item to be conveyed for additional downstream handling.

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