What is Software Testing?

     Software testing is widely used in technology because it is most important part of the when software is developed. Actually software testing is method to check whether the software or product are matching or not to expectation. It includes to execute this condition is manual and automation tools. The purpose of Software testing is identifying errors, gaps or missing requirements in contrast expecting requirement.

Why Software Testing is Important?

     Software testing is important because if there is any bug or any problem in that software it will find out before deploying the software to the customer. If software will tasted properly it will ensures reliability, security and high performance which further results in time saving, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

What is the Need of testing?

     Testing is important because when software is deployed without testing it should be expensive or dangerous. Software bugs can cause financial and human damage, and history is full of such examples. We are sharing some examples

  1. Nissan has recalled more than 1 million cars from the market due to a software glitch in the airbag sensory detector. Two crashes have been reported due to a malfunction of this software.
  2. Amazon third-party retailers saw a bug in the software reduce the price of their product by up to 1p. They suffered huge losses.
  3. In April 2015, a software error caused the Bloomberg terminal in London to crash and affected more than 300,000 merchants in the financial markets. This forced the government to postpone the sale of 3 billion in debt.
  4. In May of 1996, a software bug caused the bank accounts of 823 customers of a major U.S. bank to be credited with 920 million US dollars.
  5. In April of 1999, a software bug caused the failure of a $1.2 billion military satellite launch, the costliest accident in history.

What are the benefits of Software Testing?

  1. Cost Effective: This is an important advantage of software testing. Timely testing of any IT project helps you save money in the long run. If a defect is found at an earlier stage of software testing, it costs less to fix it.
  2. Product quality: This is a mandatory requirement for any software product. Testing ensures that quality products are delivered to customers.
  3. Security: This is the most insecure and sensitive advantage of software testing. People are looking for reliable products. This helps eliminate earlier risks and problems. This is the most insecure and sensitive advantage of software testing. People are looking for reliable products. This helps eliminate earlier risks and problems.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: The main purpose of any product is to satisfy their customers. UI / UX testing ensures the best user experience

Different types of software testing:

  1. Acceptance testing: Verifying whether the whole system works as intentionally.
  2. Unit testing: Validating that each software unit performs as expected. A unit is the smallest testable component of an application.
  3. Integration testing: In that Component or function working together.
  4. Functional testing: Examining functions by simulating business scenarios based on functional requirements. Black-box testing is a common way to verify functions.
  5. Performance testing: Testing how the software performs under different workloads. Load testing, for example, is used to evaluate performance under real-life load conditions.